Our e-learning platform

To complement your language training, LSI offers you a course programme on its e-learning platform. The platform will enable you to practice and progress anywhere anytime: at home, in your office or even outdoors, in a park.

  • Prior to the course, your level and objectives are assessed by the LSI’s educational team and by way of a test on the platform.
  • Subsequently, you will be granted access to a personalized language training programme consisting of a variety of effective exercises and animated clips. You can follow up on your progress and see your personal’s statistics.
  • The exercises have been designed to help memorisation. You will also improve your writing skills and creativity.
  • You are not alone in front of your screen! Our teachers can answer your questions posted from your platform account while your subscription is active. If you attend a group course at the LSI Brussels language centre, you can also use the platform to chat with your teacher and the students in your group.
  • A notification system ensures permanent follow-up with our education team.

Prices (including VAT) for subscription to the French, English or Dutch e-learning platforms* :

  • 99 € / 1 months
  • 177 € / 2 months
  • 254 € / 3 months
  • 462 € / 6 months
* You can earn discounts by placing more than one subscription at the same time.

LSI course by videoconference

Want to save time and spare yourself the trouble of working your way through the traffic to the language centre for your lesson ?

Looking for distance learning for your children or yourself ?

Wherever you are, abroad, at home or in your office, our videoconference application is the ideal solution for you.

  • Plan your course with LSI Brussels’ native-speaker teacher and the school’s coordinator. It takes just one mouse-click to start each lesson.
  • Use our post-it system to take notes during your lesson.
  • Interact with your teacher using the whiteboard and save all your lesson notes and comments at the end of each class.
  • Available for any device with 3G connection and up
  • IOS and Androïd compatible.
  • Prices: 23 € (excluding VAT) per session of 30 minutes for a standard lesson in English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish or Italian. Registration fee : 10 €
  • Prices for other languages and specialised language courses are offered upon request.
  • Discounts are available for packages of 20 hours or more.