Courses for expats

cours pour expats

Have you just arrived in Brussels ? Would you like to start learning or improve your French, Dutch, English or German ?

Are you getting ready to leave Belgium ? Would you like to start familiarizing yourself with the new language and culture ?

Have you moved back to Belgium after some time away ? Would you like to refresh your language skills to settle back in ?

Are you a family ? Are you also looking for language courses for your children ?

LSI Brussels offers you the following courses carefully adapted to your personal needs.


Courses for adults

Private mini-group course

  • Intensive day or evening general course

Whether you are beginner or false beginner having learned the basics at school, LSI help you organize your own group whether with a regular or intensive course, during the day or the evening. The main objective of these courses is to develop your communication skills and confidence to use your chosen language in a variety of everyday situations such as:
  • at the town hall
  • at the post office
  • at the bank
  • in the street
  • at the doctor
  • at the gym
  • at friends'
  • at the restaurant
  • on public transport
  • at work

You will have the chance to put your new language into practice while learning in a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


  • Specialised group course « Life in Brussels » in mini-groups of 5 people

This course complements LSI Brussels' general group course. While focusing on learning Dutch, English or French, you will also have the chance to discover the places to be as well as how things generally work in Belgium and in Brussels.
This course also gives you the opportunity to meet other newcomers and share your experiences.
This course includes cultural visits and excursions to discover the following:
  • Art, Fashion, Culture
  • Sport
  • Nature
  • Family life in Brussels
  • Belgian food and drinks
  • Belgian politics
  • Belgian administration
  • Belgian school systems
  • Belgian health care
  • Belgian clubs and associations

Courses for children

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