Actiris language cheques

chèque langue actiris


Are you looking for a job ?

  • Do you live in one of the 19 communes of Brussels or is your future employer established in the Brussels Region ?
  • Do you already know a little French or Dutch ?

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In Brussels, 4 out of 5 job offers request at least some knowledge of Dutch (and French?). By taking a course lasting a maximum three months you will be able to significantly improve your language skills, doubling your chances of getting your job in Brussels.

Actiris language cheques give you the opportunity to improve your knowledge of Dutch, French, English or German.

Language cheques "JOB"

Job language cheques are tailor-made cheques for job seekers whose limited knowledge of French, Dutch, English or German is an obstacle to getting a job.
They give you the opportunity to have free language lessons after having signed a professional contract or after starting your self-employed activity. 
They are not being distributed anymore and have been being replaced by the Language Cheques "Matching" since September 2016.  The last language cheques "Job" can still be accepted by LSI Brussels before March, 1st 2017.  Please contact us quickly to start your language training on time !


Language cheques "Matching"

Since September 2016 LSI Brussels has become partner of Actiris for the new Language cheques "Matching".

Contact us for more information and to register !

Practical information

  • Minimum level: see Actiris conditions.
  • Course duration : according to Actiris conditions: from 20 to 40 hours of lessons.
  • One-to-one lessons given by a native speaking teacher.
  • Prompt organisation of courses adapted to your needs
  • Make an appointment and come to our school with your language cheques and Actiris test results. We will accurately assess your written and spoken levels and then proceed with your registration.
  • More details about Actiris' cheques.

The lessons are given

  • in classes of 1h30 (90 minutes) minimum
  • at our language centre LSI Brussels in 1000 Brussels.
  • at your office, depending on location

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