Teaching methods

Language levels at LSI

Having been welcomed into our school, you will be asked to take both a written and spoken language test. So we can assess your exact level.

LSI Brussels carries out its assessments in accordance with the CEFR guidelines.

European Framework of Reference for Languages => link

At LSI Brussels we fully understand that our students progress at different rates which is why our courses are tailor made for you. It is important for us to have regular meetings with teachers and our educational team to discuss your progress. These meetings may result in moving you to another language course with a more appropriate level for you.

Our methodology

No more passive learning. You will have the chance to put new language uinto practice while learning.

LSI uses a communicative approach which encourages the practical and efficient use of various language skills.

Our objective: to enable you to communicate in all relevant situations of both your daily and professional life.

You will practise the target language through :

  • classroom conversation and discussion
  • speaking activities in pairs, small groups and individual presentations
  • exercises supported by audiovisual media

You will live and learn the target language as it is really spoken:

  • a natural rhythm
  • contractions
  • expressive intonation
  • different accents

You will learn new vocabulary and grammar effectively through:

  • relevant and effective vocabulary exercises
  • practical grammar exercises
  • activities prepared by your teacher with your individual needs in mind

You will work with your teacher and by yourself at LSI or at home

LSI has developed a series of online resources. While these are not intended to replace lessons with your teacher, they offer an opportunity for you to supplement your learning process.

  • Following your lesson, you will be able to prepare for the next one by reviewing the lesson content, doing pronunciation and listening exercises, either on our e-learning platform or independently.
  • You will have access the study and self-teaching room in our LSI centre
  • You can access our e-learning platform either from LSI or from home. Link to e-learning platform

With the constructive advice and recommendations from your teacher, you will be able to take every opportunity to immerse yourself in your chosen language and to practice it on a daily basis.

By providing a variety of relevant learning tools to carry on studying your chosen language independently, LSI ensure that you will have every chance of success (digital tools, recommended websites, multimedia resources, e-learning platform, magazines subscriptions)

Our teachers

At LSI, we only work with the most competent trainers as we are keenly aware that the quality of your chosen courses depends largely on your teacher.

All our teachers :

  • have a degree and are highly qualified to teach in their mother tongue
  • are motivated and experienced
  • are attentive and patient

Their objectives :

  • to help you progress and reach the level you need effectively
  • to encourage you to use the chosen language with confidence
  • to make sure you have a positive language learning experience
  • to create a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere for learning

You will have a regular teacher – assisted by one or two colleagues for more intensive courses.You will stay with the same teacher throughout your course unless unavoidable circumstances arise.

Our teacher skills and performance are regularly assessed and we encourage feedback from our students. This enables us to ensure our continued high quality of language teaching.

Up to date teaching material

Books, manuals, personalised worksheets, authentic written and audio documents.

LSI's educational team and teachers use a wide range of the most relevant and up to date language learning resources. This ensures that you will experience the most appropriate teaching methods and materials for both your needs and level. These are complemented by a variety of audiovisual up to date resources.

Your teacher and our educational supervisor at LSI will work together to decide on the resources most adapted to your individual needs.
With your teacher you will create a tailor-made resource bank of relevant expressions and vocabulary depending on your individual language needs.

LSI's E-learning platform

To complement more traditional educational material such as worksheets LSi offers a structured and attractive e-learning platform.

Every learner has access to their personal account, whenever and wherever they wish.

With their learning profiles personalised by the pedagogical team and the teacher, each learner can :


  • Practice grammar and vocabulary following a personalised path with entertaining and effective exercises, using real-life situations for pronunciation
  • Take tests to check understanding before progressing to the next module
  • Practise on the social-learning platform with exercises and practical activities chosen by your teacher.
  • Interact with other students on the platform to be part of a wider learning community and increase motivation.
  • Activate your potential and optimise the language learning process through exercises directly inspired by research on language.

Throughout your training

Your preliminary interview: our advisor will welcome you during the registration process. Your level will be carefully assessed alongside your specific objectives.

Your educational file will be continuously updated during your training.

Your teacher will complete a personalised progression report during your course so you can easily follow your ongoing improvement.

At the end of your training you will be presented with a course completion certificate. This will certify your level of achievement in your chosen language.