General language course

one-to-one-language courseDepending on your personal needs and availability, this basic course is tailored to meet them. It will provide you with the necessary skills in your chosen foreign language before you go on to attend more specific modules.

You can choose to complement this basic course with conversation sessions, lunches with the teacher, or indeed both.

            • Basic general language course
            • Conversation sessions
            • Option « lunch with the teacher»


General language course

During the lessons you will develop communication skills which will prove useful in a wide range of everyday situations.

The lessons involve grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation while providing the necessary base not only for communication but also for reading and writing skill.

We use a wide range of resources and exercises such as role-plays, recordings of authentic interactions, newspaper and magazine articles.

This course is ideal for those who would like to study intensively while learning the language through a discovery of its culture.

Conversation sessions

Are you taking or have you already taken language lessons and would now like just a few hours of oral practice to keep your knowledge up-to-date ?

You and your teacher will discuss everyday topics, giving you the chance to apply your grammatical knowledge and vocabulary with confidence. Your teacher will encourage conversation focusing on fluency and the use of appropriate language in context.

Lunch with your teacher

Having breakfast or lunch with your teacher is your chance to put all you have learned into practice, outside of the classroom.

You will find yourself in a natural social setting, in an environment where you will have the opportunity to chat with ease and improve your fluency. Whilst enjoying your meal and conversation your teacher will keep an eye on your use of language.

Practical information

  • Minimum levels: general language course: beginner to B1. Conversation sessions/ lunch with your teacher: A1 to C2.
  • Course duration: general course for beginners: 20 hours minimum.  Conversation sessions/lunch with your teacher:this is determined together with LSI's educational team after your needs' analysis.
  • One-to-one lessons with your native-speaking teacher.
  • VAT-exclusive prices: Languages: French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian: from €40 to €59 an hour.
  • Other languages: from €50 to €80 an hour
  • Registration fee: €22,50 p.p., study material: €20 to €45.
  • Teacher's travel cost for courses in your premises: €3,40 per trip plus €0,40 per km if the distance between your location and LSI Brussels is less than 8 km. If the distance is over 8 km: an extra charge of €18,40 will apply per return trip.
  • By skype: price on request.
  • Extra fee for lunch with your teacher.
  • NEW! You can also use our e-learning platform to learn English, Spanish, German or French. You will practice with online exercises and activities that your teacher will select for you:
    • oral comprehension
    • written comprehension
    • written expression
    • grammar and vocabulary
    • oral expression with oral recognition

    You are not alone online! Your LSI teacher follows your progress, supports you and sends documents for the course!

The lessons take place

  • in sessions of minimum 1h30 (90 minutes)
  • at our language centre LSI Brussels, 1000 Brussels.
  • at your office
  • at home
  • at the restaurant
  • by skype

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