In-company course

 cours en entrepriseAre you looking for a specially adapted language course?

At LSI Brussels we understand and take into account the importance of:

- the individual needs of your business
- your working hours
- training deadlines
- different budgets

LSI Brussels is here to advise you on the right language course for you and to efficiently organise your training.


Language training in businesses has been a major focus since LSI Brussels was established in 1974.

Our educational and administrative teams work closely together, staying in close communication to ensure the professional organisation of all our courses according to your needs and official requirements.

LSI offers tailor-made courses to your company's needs:

  • General language group course
  • Specialised language group courses


General language course

Having carried out a needs analysis, LSI's educational advisor will then identify any gaps in the learner's knowledge of the chosen language. When the results show that the learner's general level is below B1, LSI will recommend that you initially opt for a general language course.

During the lessons the student will develop communication skills which are useful in a vast array of everyday situations in and outside of the office. The lessons involve grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation providing not only the necessary base for communication but also for reading and writing.

This course is also available as:

Specialised language courses tailored to your company's needs.

Whichever type of business you work in, our educational team alongside our professional teachers here to prepare a unique language learning programme to suit you. Our courses are specially tailored to adapt to your specific language requirements. Our experienced teachers have trained to teach in the following sectors:

  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bank
  • European Union
  • Government, diplomacy, international relations
  • Human resources
  • Administration and reception
  • Sales and retail
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Military
  • Tourism
  • Art, fashion, design, gastronomy
  • Catering

You have a choice of courses:

  • Receptionist: communicating on the phone or face to face: introductions, forwarding calls, screening calls, taking messages, welcoming visitors and providing relevant information.
  • Administrative office: reception, communicating on the phone or face to face, diary management, event organisation.
  • General spoken professional communication: internal and external communication, meeting, communicating on the phone or face to face as well as writing memos and emails.
  • Development and improvement of general or specialised professional written language.
  • Spoken and written communication skills related to the hotel and catering industry: reception and customer service, making quotes, giving presentations, translating and adapting menus.
  • Verbal and written communication for the HR sector: language skills relevant to recruitment, selection, evaluations, testing and interviews.
  • Sales and retail communication: customer service, selling points, sales speech structure, product presentation, processing complaints.
  • Web communication: adapting, translating and correcting texts on your website. Communicating on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • EU and European Relations: institutions, history, culture and European politics, language used in meetings, making presentations, holding formal and informal discussions in institutions and cultural awareness.
  • Business Communication (Advanced levels B2 +).
  • Presentation skills: speaking in public, structuring your speech, winning over an audience, answering questions, commenting on visual documents and cultural awareness.
  • Report writing: structure, style and register, types of report specifics: activity sheets, spreadsheets and accounting reports.
  • Language level assessment of your employees.
  • Preparation for a job interview for executives and managers. CV and cover letter preparation, updating your professional information on social networks such as Linkedin and presentation techniques.
  • Preparing for official language exams. English (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge), French (DELF, TEF), Dutch (CNaVT, Staatsexamen), German (ZD, ZMP), Spanish (DELE).
  • Preparing for SELOR's language tests.
  • Preparing for the European institutions' admission exams
  • Language courses abroad for adults : Business language courses, English for pilots, English for nurses, an Italian course in Art and Fashion, a Spanish course for engineers. Accommodation in executive homestays or hotels.

Practical information

  • Minimum level :
    • General language course: total beginner
    • Specialised language course: A2. This can vary according to the type of course.
  • Course duration: this is decided by LSI's educational team after your needs analysis.
  • Lessons given to groups of 3 to 8 students with a native-speaking teacher.
  • VAT exclusive prices:
    • General language course:
      • Languages: French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian: from € 42 to € 50 an hour per group, registration fee € 20 per group, study material €35 to €45 per person.
      • Other languages: from €45 to €52 an hour per group, registration fee €20 per group. Study material €35 to €45 per person
    • Specialised language courses: on request.
    • Teacher's travel cost for courses in your premises: € 3,40 per return trip plus € 0,40 per km if the distance between your location and LSI Brussels is less than 8 km. If the distance is over 8 km: an extra charge of € 15 will apply per return trip.
    • Videoconference: price on request.   
    • Start and end level tests included in the price.                                     
  • Prompt organisation of courses adapted to your needs
  • NEW! Access to our Classic English, French or Dutch Course Packs on our E-Learning Platform:
    -Presentation and preparation of your e-learning portfolio by our pedagogical manager
    -Access to exercises and activities on the platform
    -Teachers' tutoring for your questions during your active subscription period

    1 month Course Pack: € 99 VAT inclusive
    2 month Course Pack: € 177 VAT inclusive
    3 month Course Pack: € 254 VAT inclusive
    6 month Course Pack: € 462 VAT inclusive

Your lessons take place

  • Sessions of minimum 1h30 (90 minutes)
    • At our language centre LSI Brussels in 1000 Brussels.
    • At your office
    • At home
  • By videoconference (sessions of 30 to 60 minutes)

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Your action plan with LSI

Your needs and your objectives

Meeting you in person and understanding the training needed by your company are important to us. We will assess both your needs and objectives during an interview either face-to-face or on the phone, depending on your availability. Together, we will be able to define your requirements in terms of time, budget and progress reports.

Participants' level test

We will organise interviews with you as well as written and oral tests with the participants for the future course. Our teaching manager or our teachers will come to your company to carry out oral evaluations while the written tests can be completed on-line.

Distribution of groups

Distribution of participants will be based on their language levels and requirements, such as the need for similar or varied groups, different skills and their hierarchical position in the company. Following a discussion with our teaching manager, we will be able to decide together on the most appropriate group for each participant. We can also organise one-to-one lessons for some collaborators where necessary.

Participants' availability

Depending on the availability of participants we will work together to plan the potential lesson schedules for the different groups. LSI offers completely flexible schedules for one-to-one lessons as well as company group lessons. Schedules can be changed with up to 24 hours' notice, except during week-ends when we would ask for 48 hours' notice.

Planning your course plan and budget

Based on participants' test results and a thorough analysis of the requirements and expectations your company expresses, we will design your personalised course.

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Financial support for language training

  • 4S Fund
  • Brussels Region : Brussels Region offers a partial reimbursement of language training attended by the staff of PME located in its
  • Actiris language vouchers : this initiative aims to support unemployed people looking for work. Their insufficient knowledge of French, Dutch, German or English is seen to be limiting their job search or the possibility of setting up their own company. These language vouchers are financed 100% by Actiris in the form of one-to-one language lessons. Our LSI school is one of the few subsidized by ACTIRIS as a language training operator and we welcome students with "job" language vouchers and "professional project" language vouchers. Job seekers should always ask Actiris for language vouchers before signing a contract with the company.