In-company language courses

Group language courseAre you looking for a specially adapted language course?

At LSI Brussels we understand and take into account the importance of:

      • The individual needs of your business
      • Your working hours
      • Training deadlines
      • Different budgets

LSI Brussels is here to advise you on the right language course for you and to efficiently organise your training.

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LSI offers tailor-made in individual or in group courses :

  • General language courses | basic communication, writing and reading skills
  • Specialised language | made to adapt your specific language requirement on the medical, the human ressources, the Insurance, the Legal field for example.

Our educational and administrative teams work closely together, staying in close communication to ensure the professional organisation of all our courses according to your needs and official requirements.

Your action plan with LSI

  • We will assess both your needs and objectives during an interview either face-to-face or on the phone. Together, we will be able to define your requirements in terms of time, budget and progress reports.
  • We will organise written tests with the participants. Our teachers will come to your company to carry out oral evaluations if necessary while the written tests can be completed on-line.
  • Based on participants' test results, the participants' availability and a thorough analysis of the requirements and expectations your company expresses, we will design your personalised course.

Practical information

  • All levels accepted
  • One-to-one lessons or in group session (3 to 8 participants)
  • Tailored-made lessons: you can choose the number of hours you want to have

2021 Fees

  • Common languages: French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish, ...
  • World languages: Arabic, Chinese, Finnish, Norwegian, ...
  • From 1h to 19h:
    • For 1 or 2 learners : 53 € (general languages cursus) ; 65 € (specialised language) ;
    • For a 3-6 group : 60 € (general languages) ; 70 € (specialised language)
  • From 20h onwards:
    • For 1 or 2 learners : 50 € (general languages cursus) ; 63 € (specialised language) ;
    • For a 3-6 group : 57 € (general languages) ; 68 € (specialised language) ;
  • On request: Prices for world languages
  • Registration fee : 22,5 € ;
  • Teaching material : à déterminer en fonction de vos besoins ;
  • Teacher's traveling cost : 3,40 € per travel + 0,40 €/km if less than 8 km from the school ; 18,40 € per travel + 0,40 €/km if more than 8km from the school  ; free if the lessons are organised in our Center ;
  • Level evaluation at the beginning and at the end of the cursus are included in the price.

The lessons take place

  • in sessions of minimum 1h30 (90 minutes)
  • at our language centre LSI Brussels, 1000 Brussels
  • at your office
  • By Skype/Team or other