Job interview coaching

cours de préparation à un entretien d'embauche

The process of looking for work and getting a job is a challenge for everyone.

This is not made any easier if it means winning over your future employer in a foreign language !

With language lessons focused on job seeking, your native speaking teacher will help you to succeed by achieving your aims. You will be guided through the process of job seeking from understanding adverts to preparing for a job interview, depending on your personal needs.


Our course to prepare you for a job interview in a foreign language involves:

  • a personalised approach to your individual needs in vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure.
  • various practical themed lessons in the target language :

I am looking for work

Different types of companies/jobs
Looking at job offers
Writing my CV
Writing my CV online
Writing my cover letter
Writing a first contact e-mail
Using social networks
Following up my application

I have got a job interview

Making an appointment by e-mail and on the phone
Getting ready for my job interview: researching the company and preparing my presentation.
Explaining my professional experience and my qualifications
Talking about my strengths
Talking about my weaknesses
Talking about my skills
Negotiating my salary
Dos and don'ts during a job interview
I get/I don't get the job
  • Reading and understanding an employment contract
  • Following up rejection
  • Registering for training

Practical information

  • Minimum levels: A1 to C2.
  • Course duration: you decide the number of hours you need with LSI's educational team after your needs analysis.
  • One-to-one lessons with a native-speaking teacher.
  • VAT-exclusive prices:
    • Languages: French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian: from €40 to €47 an hour.
    • Other languages: from €43 to €50 an hour
    • 1 or 2 people can follow the course for the price of 1 person.
    • Registration fee: €10 p.p., study material from €25 to €35.
    • E-learning platform access along with your LSI course: Classic Pack for English, French or Dutch: €50.82/month inclusive VAT. Supplement for any extra professional English module: €35.20/month inclusive VAT.
    • E-learning platform access without lessons with LSI: Classic Pack for English, French or Dutch: 1 month: €66 inclusive VAT, 2 months: €120 inclusive VAT, 3 months: €165 inclusive VAT. Supplement for any extra professional English module: €35.20/month inclusive VAT.
    • Teacher's travel cost for courses in your premises: €3,40 per trip plus €0,40 per km if the distance between your location and LSI Brussels is less than 8 km. If the distance is over 8 km: an extra charge of €15 will apply per return trip.
    • Videoconference: price on request.                                     
  • Prompt organisation of courses adapted to your needs

Your lessons take place

  • sessions of minimum 1h30 (90 minutes)
  • at our language centre LSI Brussels, 1000 Brussels.
  • at your office
  • at home
  • by videoconference (sessions of 30 or 60 minutes)

l submit my registration enquiry !


If you don't have a high enough level in the target language, we recommend that you attend a few hours of one-to-one general language course or our general language group course.

For those who wish to prepare for professional interviews for executives or managers, for exams and European institution selection exams, we recommend our specific courses : courses for professionals and exam preparation courses.